And poof! Just like that, it’s time for new beginnings – again!

This week I’ve had two ‘bolt out of the blue’ connections which have made me smile, both from ex-students.  The first from a young lad who reached out to me on LinkedIn.  I remember him about 4 years ago, cheeky and able, but going through some personal stuff that would have floored many.  He left to go to uni and I never heard from him again.  Until this week.  He messaged me and it was such a joy to hear from him and to see that he was a graduate, about to start his professional career.  In amongst the reconnecting, he told me that I had been his favourite teacher all those years ago.  It made my heart melt.


The second came from another ex-student from about 6 years ago.  She had experienced so many difficulties in her young life but just kept going.  Yesterday she reached out to me on Instagram telling me that at the time when she had needed it most, I had been the only person who believed in her. She’s got a young son and is getting married in November and has invited me to her wedding.  We haven’t communicated since the day she left school.  I’m buying a new hat!


Like these two connections, there is proof all around us that people are actually indomitable. Despite hardships and extreme personal trials, there is evidence all around us that the human spirit wants to not only survive, but to thrive, if you only let it.  Working first with students (both children and inmates) and later with my own coaching clients, as well as looking at my own life, it is clear to me that we all have an idea of what we want our own lives to look like and only we have the power to make it happen.


As I turn my own eyes towards what’s going on in my own family, with both my daughters hoping to be in university within the next two years, I’m starting to consider what life will look like for me and the cat, obviously.  I know that there will be an adjustment period for us both (Pookie adores a full house) and I am well aware that I will miss not having my girls at home, but just as they will be off having new experiences and learning to live for themselves, I know that it’s time for me to start planning what I will with my own new-found independence. And I’m really excited at the prospect.  I have (most of the time) put my girls first and my life has revolved around being here for them, taxiing them around and generally looking after them.  To go from that to only really having to look after myself will be strange to say the least.  But I know that I want to travel, so I will.  I know that I want to have new experiences, no matter how small or big, so I will.  I’ve been adding things to my ‘to do’ list over the last few years and as the time approaches, I’m getting more excited for the next stage of my life.  Is it daunting?  Yes.  Will I still do it and make the most out of it, just as I do now?  Absolutely.  Only I have the power to continue to make myself happy, and that’s the bottom line.

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