The coaching I offer is results orientated for any area of your life, whether it's related to your personal life, health, career or anything else. Coaching is a necessary part of making the real, life-long and most impactful changes with real results that you want for yourself; if this is what you are looking for then I'd really like to travel with you at this truly exciting time in your life and be part of the journey with you.

Individual Coaching:

I offer a free initial consultation in which I get to know you and discuss the areas you want to work on. You can then opt for one of 3 ‘journey’ packages:

1 Short-haul Buy 3 coaching sessions to be used within a 6-week period - sessions to be arranged at mutually convenient times for both parties. £510 total
2 Long-haul Buy 6 coaching sessions to be used within a 12-week period - again, sessions to be arranged at mutually convenient times for both parties and includes 6 opportunities for email consultations within this period. £960 total
3 Round the World When you opt for this package, you mean business! This package provides you not only with 9 sessions within a 12 week period, but you also get email access to me (within reason) and 3 evening telephone conversations whenever you need them within this period. only £1920

Whichever package you go for, or even if you’re not sure which one would suit you best, book a discovery call with me to discuss your needs and options and we’ll find the best one for you.


Services for Schools and Organisations:

The Confidence Mindset Masterclass

Specifically aimed at professionals, this six-session course focuses on the psychology behind confidence and driving your employees across schools and organisations forwards.
Centred around growing employee confidence based on psychological research, this six-session masterclass applies coaching techniques, teaching professionals practical and relevant skills to boost confidence.
The sessions in this package will provide your organisation with:
  • The space and opportunity to consider barriers to workplace confidence and how to overcome them
  • Questions and techniques to focus on what confidence is and what the benefits are
  • Resources and activities to continue building after the sessions have ended
  • The ability to utilise this greater confidence in every aspect of their professional and personal life
  • Increased overall productivity, drive and passion


3 hour Train the Coach Package

This package teaches the fundamentals for coaching colleagues and students in a simple, effective and ready-to-go method. It takes the delegate through how the brain works, changing unhelpful ways of thinking, and delivering precisely what you need to start coaching conversations to improve staff and student interactions.
  • Look at how the brain works
  • Why we are primed to believe our limiting beliefs and how we can actually change it
  • The language we use with ourselves and others to get the best out of every interaction we have
  • Understanding our challenges and barriers
  • Working towards goals through planning steps to get there
  • Belief in change allows change to happen
Whatever you are looking for, whether it is individual coaching or a service package for your school or organisation, get in touch with me today