Time is precious – don’t waste a moment of it

I sometimes sit and think about the concept of Time.  Within the last year particularly, I have thought so much about where the time has gone regarding my children.  I remember many years ago finding myself a single parent of two children under the age of 4, and wondering how I was going to raise them properly on my own, and in my darkest moments, thinking how long a period I had until they turned 18; the distance seemed so dauntingly far at those points.  Now I look at my children, 16 and 17, and I literally cannot believe how quickly the years have passed.  Nowadays, I wonder if I have enough time left to teach them enough to go out into the world as well-rounded adults and that distance which once seemed so far away is, dauntingly, just around the corner!


Equally, something I’ve found myself saying a lot over the last year is ‘life is short’.   This concept has never really been as prominent in my mind as it has recently, due to things like COVID and a couple of personal reasons which I won’t get into right now.  I am now so much more aware that my time is precious, and that I don’t want to waste a single moment of it.  I consider myself to be a busy person: I like to be active and productive.  But even when I’m relaxing, I do that because I choose to, because being actively inactive also has its benefits for me.



However, I am mindful of not wasting anybody else’s time, just as I don’t appreciate anyone wasting mine.  For example, just yesterday I was due to have an initial consultation with a prospective client who had, to all appearances, been really keen to meet with me.  I had sent over an invite once we had confirmed a time, and two minutes before our appointment, I entered the Zoom meeting room and waited.  And waited.  And waited some more.  Now, I consider myself to be a considerate person and I’ll generally give the benefit of the doubt, within reason.  Twenty four hours on from her missed appointment and I haven’t heard from her at all.  I take this complete radio silence to be hugely disrespectful of me and my time.  After all, had I not given her the appointment, I could have given it to someone who really wanted it, or spent an hour reading a good book, or I could have spent that precious time hanging out with my girls!


There’s always a reason why someone doesn’t do what they say they will, but the real reason, and the way they handle it, is a reflection of them, not of you.  I’m not bitter – there’s no glory in hanging onto emotions that serve no positive purpose.  Instead I’ll take the learning from her no-show, that coaching really can help everyone, go and make myself a G and T and enjoy a nice dinner with the family.  After all, time is precious and I choose to spend it doing what makes me happy.  I hope you do too.

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